Running projects

Are currently being implemented four major projects:

Maintenance of ghat airport project

Complete repaving of Ghat International airport. Project include milling of all existing surface, rehabilitation and treatment of the existing base course layer, supply and lay of bituminous base course, wearing course and binder course. Use of modified bitumen and reinforcing mesh is foresee. Total value: 48.500.000 LBD Work under execution

Tahala agricultural project (addendum)

Execution of water distribution system for 254 farms for a total agricultural surface of about 1.600 hectares. The project  foresee  supply  and  laying  of  35.000 l.m of polyethylene  pipes, different  diameters going from 250 mm up to 550 mm including valves, etc. Supplying of water from 33 wells. Water will be collected in 78 reservoirs having capacity of 1.000 m3 each. In the project has been previously installed drinkable water treatment plant and sewerage treatment plant.  Internal roads of the project are about 45 km Total value: 20.389.942,000 LBD Work under execution

Structural maintenace of bridge in khoms area

Contract signed on May 2012 with CPEA. The projects foresee to the repair of the transversal beam (completely broken) the construction of new reinforced transversal beam (using Diwidag system), the subsequent lift of the bridge for re-alignment of the concrete slabs and beams, the substitution of the bearings, and other accessories works as new guard rails, maintenance of concrete structure etc. Total value: 2.797.226,172 LBD Contract under staring activities.

Service buildings

Construction of buildings in the coastal area between Misurata and Tobruk (beginning phase).