CON.I.COS. Contratti lnternazionali Costruzioni S.p.A. was established in 1977 by Mr. Giorgio Vinai and Mr. Celeste Bongiovanni - both coming from over twenty years of individual expertise in road construction, industrial, and harbor structures.

The new engineering firm extended its operative circle by carrying out its business activities abroad and diversifying its product lines.

In 1977, CON.I.COS. S.p.A. obtained a contract for the construction of the road Al Daat-Zuhriyah - Al Jurdawiyah, in Saudi Arabia.

On 1978 the Libyan Branch was established with a permanent organization in the country where it has maintained an intense and uninterrupted activity since its conception.

CODELFA S.p.A. - lmprese Riunite Codelfa Colombo Contratli lnternazionali Costruzioni, completely under CON.I.COS. control, has operated East of Libya during the construction of seven important warehouses in Al Kufrah, Benghasi, Tobruq, El Meri, El Beida, Ajdabiya, Derna.

In 1986, due to the contract for constructing the road section Man - Danané, another branch was founded in Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

In Italy, CON.I.COS. S.p.A. has engineered and constructed roads and highways, hydraulic and environmental works, residential and commercial building along with other business activities.

In 1990, in order to separate building and financial activities from the operative ones, CON.I.COS. S.p.A. Partecipazioni Generali was established to become the leading company in the group.

Because of the success in our diversified activities, the company has acquired technical and organization means in the entire civil engineering field, assuring qualified expertise and professionalism not only in the construction works (from project to final realization), but also in the administration of the finished works.

This considerable experience and professionalism allowed CON.l.COS. S.p.A. to operate at superior standards according to the complexity of the domestic and intentional demands and giving our customers the greatest advantages regarding reduction in costs, control of the working time, and minimizing administrative costs.

In 1998 CON.I.COS. Partecipczzioni Generali S.p.A., already owning 22,83% of the share capital of GARBOLI REP - lmpresa Generale di Costruzioni, obtained an additional 63,365% of the shares reaching 91,143% of the total capital of the company.

The synergy of the two corporate entities, complementing each other in their specialty businesses, has brought CON.I.COS. Group to become a true general building contractor with an impressive list of works in the public sector amounting to about euro 500 million and an annual sales revenue reaching between euro 130 million and euro 155 million.

In 2001, in the prospect of restructure and synergy, the building infrastructure division of Perugia Fioroni Engineering was acquired.

During 2005 in light of the new economic atmosphere emerging in the country, the company has restructured its operations by focusing its efforts on the construction of luxury buildings (such as historical hotels, shopping centers, industrial complexes, large residential buildings, etc.)

During all this period, the company remained fully operational in Libya through its branch located in Tripoli and several satellite offices located in Derna, Benghasi and Ghāt.

These activities have been concentrated in the field of public works and infrastructure projects, such as the repaving of the International Airport of Ghāt, the maintenance of several bridges on the coastal road Homs - Tobruq, and the continuation of major agricultural projects in the South of Libya.