Other projects

With regard to general construction work CON.I.COS. has executed important infrastructure projects in many parts of the country. Warehouses with steel structures complete with fire fighting system, intercom, internal offices, prefabricated fences, and other utilities were built in Tobruk, Derna, Beida, ElMerj, Benghazi, Ajedabia and Kufra. The total covered area is over 180,000 square meters. In Benghazi was performed extraordinary maintenance for Rehabilitation Hospital Center with construction of the new processing department and workshop of the prosthesis for invalid persons as well as the replacement of the air conditioning system, diagnostic apparatus, heating system for swimming pool, external works and landscape, …etc. The project was financed through the international organization of U.N.D.P. Sewage pumping stations and sewage disposal networks for dozens of kilometers were executed in Tripoli and Tahala. Sewage treatment plants and drinking water were carried out in the south of Libya. A large agricultural project, which involved the construction of more than 250 farms in the area of ​​six hectares each, is under construction in the desert area of Tahala. The project involve the construction of more than 45 km of a water distribution network with diameters between 200 mm and 560 mm in diameter and the construction of 75 elevated tanks in reinforced concrete with the capacity of one thousand cubic meters each, for the collection of the water irrigation. This project is now completed for about 75%.